Tupperware Catalog Parties

As a Tupperware consultant, you may choose to specialize in Tupperware catalog parties. You'll be able conduct your Tupperware catalog parites in any of the 50 contiguous states.

Many customers want to hold parties and earn free Tupperware, yet they don't want to send out invitations, purchase snacks, find a babysitter, clean house and then have 20 women in their home on a school night. No problem!! Our customers can share catalogs with family members, friends and co-workers and collect orders. Just as a hostess might say "bring a friend" a catalog party hostess can say "share this catalog with your friends."

By hosting a catalog party, the Tupperware customer is entitled to all of the same rewards and benefits that a customer hosting an in home party is entitled to.

Email me for a link to sign up. audreyoka@cox.net