Tupperware for Kids

To view the entire collection of Tupperware for kids, visit http://my.tupperware.com/audreyoka    Tupperware offers toys, miniature baking sets, storage containers and much more with today's child in mind.

Tupperware For Kids Tupperware For KidsTupperware For Kids

Tupperware For Kids items are great for:

  • birthday gifts
  • shower gifts
  • gift exchanges
  • children's tea parties and more

Why Tupperware for Kids?

  • All of our Tupperware for Kids items come with a lifetime warranty
  • All of our Tupperware for Kids items are lead free
  • All of our Tupperware for Kids items meet or surpass government safety standards

Just a few of the items available in our Tupperware For Kids section:

  • Kung Fu Panda Lunch Set
  • Sponge Bob SquarePants Sandwich Keeper Set
  • Dora the Explorer Meal and Snack Set
  • Go, Diego, Go Lunch Set
  • Disney Mickey Meal Set
  • Mickey Ice Tups Set
  • Disney Princes Beverage and Snack Set
  • Tinker Bell On-The-Go Tumbler

Tupperware For Kids products are tested for safety by independent, certified laboratories and have met or exceeded all applicable government and industry standards, including those applicable to heavy metals such as lead.

Kabobs For Kids

cheese squares
pineapple chunks
vanilla yogurt

kabob sticks

Thread the fruit and cheese on the sticks. Put the yogurt into a bowl for dipping. Kids love to pull the pieces off the kabobs and dip in the vanilla yogurt.