Tupperware Fundraiser Sales

As a Tupperware consultant, you may choose to specialize in Tupperware fundraisers. Tupperware offers a special fundraising catalog for your customers. You'll be able to offer:

  • Brand name recognition
  • Over 60 years in business
  • 40% immediate profit for the organization
  • Only 17% of the Tuppereware fundraiser products also appear in the regular catalog
  • 56% of the products are exclusive to the Tupperware fundraiser catalog
  • 27% of the Tupperware fundraiser products are in an exclusive color or configuration
  • Products in everyone's price range
  • Lifetime warranty on all products
  • Unlimited help and support from me
  • Fast delivery on products from Tupperware

So, what types of organizations can benefit from a Tupperware Fundraiser?

  • Churches
  • Synogogues
  • School bands
  • Sports teams
  • Cheerleading teams
  • Girl Scouts
  • PTA's
  • Preschools
  • Boys and girls clubs

You can offer Tupperware fundraisers to any organization in the 50 contiguous states.

Email me for a link to sign up. audreyoka@cox.net